Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting to Know You: Question # 1: Before I met you, my life was...

ALCEE says: ...not complete. My previous relationships were so stressful. I was mentally and emotionally stressed. I was like a charitable institution. They drained my wallet, my mind and my heart. I got so tired and decided to focus on my family, myself and my career. Everything was okay before I met him. I started singing again and started having a little fun with my friends. I regularly go out with my family. Life was getting happier but still not complete.

JR says: ...pretty plain and simple. I get up at five in the morning, get things ready, go to work. I get off at five in the afternoon, sometimes six, sometimes seven, go home, buy dinner first, eat, do some more work, freshen up, and then sleep. It was pretty much the same everyday. Every now and then I'd visit my family, walk around Fry's or Best Buy and just try to make the day go by fast so I don't feel all alone. That was pretty much my life before I met her. Just trying to make the most out of the day and letting it pass by. But now it's different....

Sunday, May 23, 2010


The book is divided into five sections, Getting to Know You, Tying the Knot, Starting Out Together, The Middle Years and The Later Years. The title of each section is pretty self explanatory so further explanation is no longer necessary.

We have our own books and we have our own version and answer for each questions. I believe we will be able to answer most of the questions for the first three sections, that is question 1 to 104. 

We will post all the 150 questions here. Some questions may be left blank because it might not be applicable yet or not at all. 

Share your love story too! You can use this blog as a guide to right your own love story or you can get your own copy of the book. We ordered ours thru Amazon.

This is going to be a fun and long journey!